lavender products organic 100% organic lavender products

We are pleased to announce that the essential oil, flowering water and dried lavender cultivated by the producer Anna Tzimtsou in Louvri Kozani Greece, are 100% organic products certified by Bio Hellas and you can buy them at

After a four-year transitional period (as stipulated by current legislation on perennials), Organic Certification Body Bio Hellas issued a certificate of organic products to lavender producer Anna Tzimtsou for a quantity of 100 kilos of dried lavender, 14.7 kilograms lavender essential oil and 50 kilograms of flowering water.

Trouble-knocking places and despite the difficulties ensured the necessary certifications so that lavender is proven and with the … organisms certification organisms of organic products, 100% organic farming product.

Simply put, it is confirmed what we know from the first day that the lavender fields in Louvre Kozani were cultivated in November 2012 that fertilizers or herbicides have not been used so far.

Weeds are uprooted by the producer and her son, until recently unemployed journalist, Vasilis Tzimtsos.

Weeding is done with the hands and hoes, but also mechanically between the rows of plants with the help of a tractor, as you can see in the photos and video below.


Now you can get the products of the organic lavender of Anna Tzimtsou from our e-shop

Dried lavender bunch, lavender bouquets and lavender sachets in packs of 10, 30 and 100 grams (one, three or ten sachets respectively) or lavender with 20 grams of doy pack, lavender essential oil in 10 and 100 ml and lavender flower water can be reached with a few clicks from the field in your home!

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