harvest lavender

Οur new crop!

Cut flowers of lavenderCut flowers of lavenderlavender field in Greece

By Bill Tzimtsos

If anything was difficult farewell of purple … the sheet of Nature that stretched for a month in lavender fields in the Louvrι Voio Kozani.
Everything was ready last week. After recent rains, the sunny days of July were ideal for harvesting flowers.
The working conditions are not the best, reaping with scythes from morning until afternoon, under the hot sun …
Here’s battle with time. The cut lavender flowers should arrive the same day, as soon as possible to the distillery, so do not evaporate but to produce the miraculous essential oil.
Strenuous days but at the end of the day, is worth the result.
Within hours, tons of flowers will turn into condensed drops to reach from the field to your home, packaged in bottles, anywhere in the world …
In this way everyone can enjoy the dozens documented properties and uses of lavender.
An inexpensive but valuable gift for your friends.
A 100% natural product, without the use of herbicides or fertilizers.

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