Ally against dandruff and lice

Hair mask against dandruff and lice
Hair mask against dandruff and lice

The lavender essential oil is effective in accordance with users both to combat unsightly dandruff and itching caused by lice.
For proper balance of the scalp of the head, follow the following ways of use, according to what has been written on the internet.

Ways to use

• Itching: Mix lavender oil with water and massage the scalp. You can also add a few drops in conditioner after shampooing your hair.
• Dandruff: Build ‘mask’ hair to get rid of annoying flakes. Wet your hair with warm water and wipe with a towel. Mix 15 drops of lavender essential oil in two tablespoons of olive or almond oil. Put the mixture for about ten seconds in the microwave and then the mixture gently massaging your head. Wear a shower cap or wrap hair in a warm towel and leave for one hour. Then, wash your hair normally. Repeat the following days until the dandruff disappears.
The information is stated on our site for its beneficial properties and uses of lavender essential oil is for your information and not a substitute for medical science. For any health problems, consult your doctor before use.

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