Lavender against moth

Lavender against moth
Lavender against moth

Lavender is the “guardian” of Nature for our closets.
Forget chemicals rust or tablets simply flavored synthetic lavender that is repellent not only for moths and our fellow men, and because of their toxicity can cause allergies and breathing problems.
The naphthalene has been identified as an important carcinogenic, neurotoxic and hemolytic material. Also, caution the use of camphor, which is natural, but in large doses can cause allergic reactions and dyspnoea.
Allow Nature to solve the problem of moths in wardrobes.
The essential oil of lavender is repellent to insects and especially for moths. It has little natural camphor according to the variety of lavender. And here need attention … Not every lavender itself … The lowland lavender or lavandin have a high concentration of camphor, while those produced at high altitude have a lower amount.
Our own varieties in almost 800 meters altitude have camphor concentration of 0.3% according to the chemical analyzes that we do. We will come back to it in another post.
How to use
Place a small bag of cotton balls in which you drip lavender essential oil. Another method is to pour a few drops of oil on wooden hangers in wardrobe.
The result is impressive. Will disappear moths, while the closet and your clothes will have acquired natural lavender.
The information is stated on our site for its beneficial properties and uses of lavender essential oil is for your information and not a substitute for medical science. For any health problems, consult your doctor before use.

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