Fight stress

How you can fight stress with lavender oil
How you can fight stress with lavender oil

One of the main uses of the essential oil of lavender is combating anxiety and stress, helping to peace of mind, thanks to the soothing and calming properties.
The inhalation of the essential oil of lavender relaxes and calms the nervous system and removes stress and symptoms of stress.
The relaxation is achieved, as the inhalable lavender helps reduce the hormone cortisol.
The cortisol is considered the prime stress hormone. When the stress is increased at high levels for a long time or even above average for a very long time (such as depression) cortisol levels in the body are high and cause side effects, while destroying the body.
Inhaled lavender essential oil substantially suppresses the properties of cortisol and relaxation is achieved.
Ways to use

Pottery device: Take 5 drops of lavender oil on your ceramic device

Bathroom: Fill the tub with warm water, take 6 drops of essential oil of lavender and take a relaxing bath. If you hurry, apply the drops and throwing the sponge in the shower.

(Because essential oils are insoluble in water, prefer to first mix the drops of lavender with bath you use and then pour the mixture into water).

Inhalation: Inhale directly from the bottle or apply a few drops on your hands and do a few puffs. It will help you relax.
Instructions for Safe Use
Essential oils are concentrated sources that can be dangerous if not used with care.
Keep away from children.
For use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, consult your doctor.
Essential oils are not administered orally
Avoid contact with eyes.
Avoid contact with skin if you are allergic. Make a simple allergic reaction test. In skins sensitive or allergic reactions, the diluted product is recommended to first apply a small area on the inside of the wrist, to control possible reactions.

The information is stated on our site for its beneficial properties and uses of lavender essential oil is for your information and not a substitute for medical science. For any health problems, consult your doctor before use.

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