12 beneficial properties

Here are 12 of the most basic therapeutic and beneficial features of the essential lavender oil.
Read how a few drops of the lavender oil, can prove to be “miraculous”…
1. Insomnia
Throw 2-3 drops of lavender oil in the down side of your cushion
2. Stress
Add a few drops of lavender oil in hot water in your bathtub. You will relax and sleep in a little while.
Those who do not have time for a bubble-bath, just add a few drops of the ethereal oil lavender in your sponge to make a soothing shower.
3. Muscular pains
Add 25 – 30 drops of ethereal oil lavender in 200 ml of almond oil to massage  the aching point.
4. Solar burns
Make a mix of water with 8-10 drops of the ethereal oil and massage the region that has suffered from the solar burn. Also, you can make a lavender-aloe gel (8-10 drops of ethereal oil lavender in 20 ml of aloe)

lavender oil in bottles
lavender oil in bottle

5. Insect stings and scratches
The lavender has antiseptic qualities, fighting microbes and disinfecting wounded areas.
6. Headaches, migraines, tiredness, hangover (excessive alcohol consumption )
Add a few drops of ethereal oil in your forehead and temples as well as the nape and  massage or apply with compresses.
7. Light forms of acne, psoriasis, dermatitis
Either apply directly in the skin with a swab , or  make a mix with two parts of lavender oil, a teaspoon of greek yoghurt and a teaspoon dust of clay.
Apply the formed “mask” on the person and you leave for 20 mimutes (avoiding the eye area)
8. Moth
Place a few essential oil drops in the drawers and your wardrobes
9. Space aromatic
Perfume your space with a special appliance adding 5 drops of oil in water that is heated. Add just a few drops in the washing-machine or in steam irons, or apply in the nape, ears, hair, as a means of aromatherapy
10. Cold, cough
Add a few drops of oil in one and a half litres of steaming water and breathe with deep breaths this beneficial steam.
11. Skin invigoration
Mix two drops of oil lavender in the body lotion  you use and apply on the skin.
12. Abdominal pains, arthritis,intestine abnormalies, depression
Add a few drops in massage oil or body emulsion.

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