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Dry lavender has calming qualities and is used to reduce anxiety, hypertension and treat minor depression. Herbalists believe that lavender extract can be used to treat migraine and insomnia. Other researchers believe that a cup of lavender flowers tea combats insomnia.

Bunch of dry (or fresh) lavender flowers

dry lavenderDue to its soothing qualities lavender is used to reduce stress, hypertension, as well as to treat minor depression. Herbalists believe that lavender extract can be used to treat migraine and insomnia. Other researchers believe that a cup of lavender flowers tea combats insomnia.

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Place lavender sachets on the hangers in your lavender sachetwardrobes or use a few drops of lavender essential oil (rather than chemical substitutes) and forget about moth.

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The lavender cultivated in Louvri, Kozani by farmer Anna Tzimtsou and can be ordered through levantashop.gr, is an organic product in a transitional stage, as certified by the organic products organization, Bio Hellas.

Lavender Essential Oils

lavender essential oilThe lavender essential oil come from the distillation of flower buds that belong to the Lavandula Angustifolia category, namely, the original lavender. What makes it unique is its distinctive mild scent, middle note, and its numerous qualities and uses. According to herbalists it relaxes both body and mind. It combats insomnia and has regenerative qualities in burns and bites. It is an effective insect and moth repellent. It has a beneficial effect on headaches, muscle aches, digestive disorders, gynecological problems, stress, depression, eczema, acne, psoriasis.


soap with lavender

The DeSapone soap workshop makes soap using the essential oil of lavender cultivated in Louvri, Kozani.

The main ingredient of soap is virgin olive oil, known for its antioxidant and moisturizing qualities. It is enriched with donkey milk, known for its valuable regenerative qualities.

The lavender essential oil in the soap offers relaxation and a sense of well-being, while rosemary brings back happy childhood memories.

Suitable for face and body, all skin types

Ingredients: Virgin Olive Oil, Donkey milk, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Lavender essential oil, Rosemary essential oil.

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Lavender flower water

lavender flower waterThe lavender flower water is distilled water produced during the distillation of lavender flowers.

According to researchers, the lavender flower oil has skin enhancing qualities. It is used by many women to cleanse and hydrate their skin after make-up removal. It is also used in mild acne cases.

It has antibacterial qualities and treats skin problems (rashes, pimples, irritation). It has soothing qualities and soothes skin from solar burns or insect bites.

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Τhe history of lavender

λεβαντα κοντινη
Lavender field in village Louvri, Greece

Lavender is known for its healing properties and uses since ancient times.

The name lavender «lavender» comes from the latin word lavāre meaning wash, wash.

It is a plant belonging to the family Labiatae (Labiatae).
The plant is a perennial shrub with a height of 40-80 centimeters.
Abounds in calcareous slopes at an altitude of 400-2000 meters.
He shoots simple unbranched stenomafra gray leaves in opposite order and small purple blue flowers with two sides, which are joined in inflorescence cob.

The plant contains a flavoring agent particularly rich in acetic linalilio and linalool.
When you rub the plant and mainly the flowers, give off a wonderful aroma.

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Οur new crop!

Cut flowers of lavenderCut flowers of lavenderlavender field in Greece

By Bill Tzimtsos

If anything was difficult farewell of purple … the sheet of Nature that stretched for a month in lavender fields in the Louvrι Voio Kozani.
Everything was ready last week. After recent rains, the sunny days of July were ideal for harvesting flowers.
The working conditions are not the best, reaping with scythes from morning until afternoon, under the hot sun …
Here’s battle with time. The cut lavender flowers should arrive the same day, as soon as possible to the distillery, so do not evaporate but to produce the miraculous essential oil.
Strenuous days but at the end of the day, is worth the result.
Within hours, tons of flowers will turn into condensed drops to reach from the field to your home, packaged in bottles, anywhere in the world …
In this way everyone can enjoy the dozens documented properties and uses of lavender.
An inexpensive but valuable gift for your friends.
A 100% natural product, without the use of herbicides or fertilizers.

Spring: Time for weeding in field

Before weeding in lavender field
Before weeding in lavender field
After weeding in lavender field
After weeding in lavender field

Weeding in lavender field Weeding in lavender field

In winter lavender plants are “sleeping.”
But with the coming of spring, “wakes up” and needed nutrients of land to develop. Competing in this function wild greens-weeds that grow in the field.
For this reason we carry out weeding of the field with the help of tractors and the appropriate tool, hoe and with hands on weeds growing between the lavender plants.
In the video you will see the mechanical weeding using tractors in lavender field.

In the pictures you can see that it was of lavender plants before and after weeding.

They have uprooted weeds. Now lavender can get nutrients from the earth and breathe as weeds prevents wind and sun to “feed” the lavender plants.

Now everything is ready to grow the plant and bloom in a month.

Recipe for exfoliation

mask and peeling with lavender oil
Mask and peeling with lavender oil

Lavender is healing of Nature and has regenerative properties, sugar is natural ingredient for peeling, while olive oil has vitamins and minerals to hydrate and tighten the skin.
The combination of essential lavender oil, sugar with olive oil and almond oil, may prove ideal for removing dead cells and skin rejuvenation.

The ingredients of the recipe

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Lavender for grumbling children!

Tips lavender for children
Lavender for children

The lavender has relaxing properties and can be used to calm children over the age of two years. It is no coincidence that many well-known companies use lavender as a main ingredient in conditioners, lotions, shower gels, shampoos and soaps for children … Doing some research on the internet, we have found the following tips on how to use lavender, without being forced to buy expensive branded products. Sprinkle the sheets and the children’s room with lavender flower water. Also, you can use essential oil in the bath.

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Body cream and face mask

Body cream with lavender
Body cream with lavender

You can make creams and lotions for the body and face masks with lavender essential oil, taking advantage of its properties.
Here are some recipes found on the Internet for the most creative of you to experiment and make the most of it.
In the following recipe you can use olive oil, almond oil or choose the appropriate base oil according to the needs of your skin.
If you have dry skin, choose olive oil, but if you want some oil with a lighter texture, prefer the almond one.

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